• Sunwater Burdekin – Moranbah Pipeline

    The Sunwater Burdekin – Moranbah Pipeline condition assessment involved an internal inspection of the pipeline utilising HPP’s CCTV camera inspection capabilities with the latest technology and software to visually capture and document the internal condition of the 800mm MSCL water main.

  • Alum Unloading Facility

    The project involved the upgrade of existing and installation of additional alum supply and dosing systems

  • Barrel Union Replacement Program

    The barrel union replacement program involved the removal and replacement of multiple barrel unions or dismantling joints which had been identified as posing a risk of failure.

  • Wappa Dam Pipeline Replacement

    The project required HPP to remove and replace various sections of the Wappa Raw water pipeline including sections spanning the dam.

  • Lockyer Valley Irrigation Meter

    HPP undertakes irrigation meter upgrade project throughout the Lockyer valley region, while working with local communities and irrigators.

  • Safe Access Upgrade

    The project required design, fabrication and installation of a safe access structure to both the dam shoreline, and to allow for dam operators to be able to safely access the intake tower from a boat at any water level.

  • Site Fabrication

    An on-site fabrication project to provide safe access for Dam operators.

  • Pump Staion and Pipeline Repair

    Heaton Plant and Pipeline undertake emergency pipeline repairs, commissioning, pressure testing, leak location and repair works on some of South east Qld’s critical treated water supply network pipelines.

  • Chemical Handling

    Not all projects are walk in / walk out. Many consist of the ongoing maintenance of plants, equipment and pipelines. Our job is to keep you up and running - so you can do your job.

  • Flood Repair And Bank Stabilisation

    2011 was a big year, known for it's devastating floods that killed 33 people and caused damage to nearly 36,000 homes. Heaton Plant and Pipeline was part of the recovery - rebuilding weirs and other infrastructure throughout the catchment area.

  • Image Flat WTP Intake Valve Replacement

    The project required full plant shutdown to enable HPP to remove the existing failed valves, undertake the required pipe modifications and reinstate all systems.

  • High Level Access Platforms

    Heaton Plant and Pipeline have been involved with many projects that appear simple but have extreme consequences should they not be completed within the designated shutdown times. HPP deliver the most critical projects on time, without incident.

  • Wappa Pipeline Surge

    The Wappa Pipeline Surge vessel project was a design and construction project to carry out all investigations and analysis to provide the pipeline with suitable surge protection.